This page lists third-party tools and applications I actively use on my personal computer (M1 MacBook Pro). I guess one could call this the SBOM of my life. :P

The categories are inspired by Apple’s App Store naming convention.

Applications with a 💰 are paid solutions only and 🐧 implies the application is open-source.

🔨 Developer tools

  • Visual Studio Code (🐧): The text editor I use for larger projects.
  • micro (🐧): A terminal text editor written in Go I use whenever I want to edit something in my terminal instead of relying on vim or ed.
  • Hugo (🐧): The static website builder used to construct this website.
  • Git (🐧): Most of my work ends up being a Git repository.
  • Docker (🐧)
  • iTerm 2 (🐧): I dislike the stock macOS terminal and replaced it with the more favourable iTerm 2.
  • ripgrep: An alternative to grep for fast searches.
  • LLVM: I used to be a GNU Debugger (gdb) user with the GEF extension; however, since switching to a MacBook, I have had to resort to llvm.
  • pup: Allows me to parse HTML from the command line.
  • GNU Make (🐧)

🌍 Education

  • Anki (🐧): Anki allows me to create flashcards with LaTeX support and practice spaced repetition.
  • Zotero (🐧): This is where I store all of my resources and materials to cite later. Zotero allows me to export my citations as BibTeX to be used when generating a PDF using Pandoc (see --citeproc).

🌉 Graphics & design

  • (🐧): I use for generating diagrams.

🚲 Health & fitness

  • Tide app: My go-to pomodoro timer and mindfulness app.

🩺 Medical

📡 News

📝 Productivity

  • Typora: I have tested most Markdown editors on the market. In my opinion, Typora is the best solution out there.
  • Magnet: Because for some reason macOS does not come with a reliable window manager out of the box. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Pandoc (🐧): You will never see me writing raw LaTeX ever again. I rely on pandoc heavily for all of my academic work.
  • Alfred: To quickly find apps, I rely on Alfred.
  • 1Password (💰): My password manager of choice.
  • alex (🐧): Small utility I use for catching insensitive writing in my work.

🕶 Lifestyle

  • Day One: The journaling app I use to keep track of certain events in my life.

🔒 Security

  • Burp Suite (💰): The industry standard proxy of choice.
  • waybackurls (🐧): What is there not to love about Tom’s tools?
  • semgrep (🐧): Convenient static analysis tool that allows me to write custom rules to run against my codebase.
  • Subfinder (🐧): One of the subdomain enumeration tools I use.
  • assetfinder (🐧): A lightweight utility for finding hosts belonging to a target.

💬 Social networking

  • Signal (🐧): Signal is my main messenger app.

➗ Utilities

  • Nightfall (🐧): A macOS menu-bar app that allows me to quickly toggle dark mode.
  • Shottr